JCI Philippines Administration

Proposed Presidential Plan of Action 2009




               NOM Theme : “BE  BETTER"

 Presidential Thrust ----------   “Stability … Growth and Unity”

By  :  JCI Sen. Fulbert C. Woo

Position  :  National President


  1. To ensure effective communication to all the members of the JCI Philippines
  2. To ensure the growth of the JCI Philippines Membership
  3. To ensure membership with updated information from JCI Philippines and JCI
  4. To improve effectively of E-Report System
  5. To Build Strong and Supportive relationship with our local communities which we are envolved with.


  1. Improve JCIP Website and development system to address better communication at inter LOM and inter NOM.
  2. A) Improve JCIP membership profile, RECRUIT ONE each recruitment strategy, better and effective direct programs and projects.  B) Identify towns with over 25,000 population and create membership or revive LOMs as where it will be proper.
  3. Maximize Circulars distribution for effective information dissemination.
  4. Develop existing program that my current office is developing for wider and effective scope.
  5. Identify key community organization and perform agreements with those interested by providing better partnership tool kit.


  1. Recruit ONE drive month
  2. Direct Impact Project like THINK GREEN
  3. E-Report System implementation
  4. Streamering or postering drive


  1. The entirety of the one year term of office.