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    Alay Lakad began in 1972 when the Department of Social Welfare, now (DSWD) conceived and initiated the Walk-for-Cause project in Metro Manila.  The project in cooperation with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scout of the Philippines.


    In 1973, it was launched nationwide by then First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, who was elected Honorary Chairman.  By that time, the membership of the Alay Lakad had expanded to include the Ministry of Education and Culture and Sports (now DepEd), Ministry of Local Government and Community Development now (DILG) Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the National Media Center (now PIA) from the government sector.  From the private sector were the JCI Philippines (Philippine Jaycees, Inc), Rotary International, Lions and the Kiwanis Club, the Young Women’s Christian Association (YMCA), the Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster sa Pilipinas (KBP) and the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC).


    On May 27, 1974, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed Presidential proclamation No. 1267 which declared every third Sunday of June each year as “Alay Lakad Para sa Kabataan Day”.  It enjoined all public and private agencies engaged in youth development to maximize their efforts to help create a society that aims to attain the full economic and social well-being of the country’s underprivileged youth. 


    Alay Lakad was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on December 9, 1975 as Alay Lakad Incorporated.


Through the years, other organizations joined Alay Lakad to swell its rank of supporters.  This included the Pambansang Katipunan ng Kabataan Barangay, the religious Sector, Young’s Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) the Rainbow Communication Organization and other government and non-government agencies.


    In 1986, a few months after the February People’s People Power Revolution in EDSA, Alay Lakad was reorganized.  Geared to continue the annual walk-for-a-cause, the re-organization likewise expanded the government sectoral composition of the Foundation and ensured a more meaningful yet realistic commitment to assist the out-of-school youth Primarily, the reorganized Alay Lakad focused on the adoption and implementation of a review-screening and monitoring mechanism for its various youth developmental programs to ensure the success of the projects under it loan assistance scheme.


    On September 8, 1986, President Corazon C. Aquino signed Proclamation No. 27 which superseded Presidential Decree 1267, declaring September 14, as “Alay Lakad Para sa Kabataan Day” was move to the first Sunday of September of every year under Proclamation No. 289.


    The government recognition of the noble project was furthered by virtue of Proclamation No. 168 dated April 28, 1983 signed by H.E. Fidel V. Ramos a, veteran Alay Lakad participant.  The mandatory proclamation changed Alay Lakad to “Alay Lakad Takbo” so as to involved jogging and running enthusiast among the populace (proclamation no. 168).


    President Ramos showing his commitment to the cause of the project, donated P1 million during the 1992 Alay Lakad to finance various livelihood projects for the benefit of the out-school-youth affected by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. 


    Today, the contributions of the Alay Lakad are recognized by its youth beneficiaries, as well as by the government and private individuals and organizations who joined Alay Lakad. It is done in its efforts to underscore its role of truly providing the out-school-youth moral, technical and financial support to enable them to initiate and manage projects for personal development and at the same time contribute to the betterment of their families and communities.  





    The main activity of Alay Lakad is a yearly Walk conducted nationwide.  The idea is for civic minded citizens in every city and municipality to join mass hike out along prescribed routes.  Sponsors are then sought to donate a certain amount usually one peso for every kilometer covered by a hiker.  The funds raised are used to finance socio-economic for the needy out-of-school youth.  These socio economic projects include skills training on various occupational trades, income-generation projects community scouting, leadership training and cultural activities.


    For the past 30 years, Alay Lakad has proven to be effective scheme in promoting the development of the needy and underprivileged youth.  All these years people from all walks of life annually gathered together nationwide to step forward and be counted in an activity manifesting a continuing concern for the welfare of the Filipino youth, especially the out-school-youth. 


    By providing out-school-youth financial assistance which they can use to engage in various activities in the community that promote social and economic development.  Alay Lakad hopes to achieve the following:


-          Open avenues for the better communication and understanding between the youth and the adults in the community.

-          Demonstrate the need for effective partnership between the public and the private sectors in promoting the welfare of the youth.

-          Enable the youth to initiate and manage projects and activities that results in their personal development and at the same time contribute to the betterment of their families and communities.   




    The Alay Lakad, Inc., grant interest-free-loans to deserving beneficiaries. Priority is extended to the following projects;


  1. Livelihood Generating Projects
  2. Agricultural
  3. Socio-Cultural


    Beneficiaries of Alay-Lakad projects are classified into two categories;


1.       Individual proponents

2.       Group Proponents


    To name a few of the successful projects funded by Alay Lakad are the following;


  1. Candle Making
  2. Pedicab Project
  3. Macro Enterprises
  4. Ornamental Plant Propagation
  5. Agricultural Project


    Through Alay Lakad, government and non-government organization join hands to generate resources that would enable the needy out-of-school youth to engaged in livelihood and other developmental projects, thus giving the youth the opportunities to fully realized their potentials and become self sufficient and responsible citizen.  Much of Alay Lakad success can be attributed to the novel idea behind it and idea that is unique practical and conceived out of humanitarian considerations. Today the Alay Lakad is synonymous with organizing mass hike outs in order to raise funds for a worthy cause.


    Alay Lakad believe that strengthening the capability of the youth shall subsequently improve the quality of the Filipino people in general.