of the JCI Philippines

(Philippine Jaycees, Inc.) 


1)       ASPAC 2009 (Nagano, Japan): Everybody are encourage to attend  these once in a  lifetime event to maximize our Jaycee career and experience the unique and unexplicable international camaraderie and lasting friendship among delegates. It will held on June 4-7, 2009 in Nagano, Japan 

2)        64th   JCI WORLD CONGRESS (Hammamet, Tunisia):  After the World Congress in New Delhi, India, JCI Philippines delegates will have to prepare long and hard to be able to attend this event on November 16-21, 2009. The year 2009 National Administration will exert every effort to drum up a sizeable delegation that will attend this congress. 

3)       JCI RELATIONS : As an affiliate in good standing with JCI, we have to maintain good relationship with our international organization. Its main activity is to liaise and make preparations for all JCI related activities on the following.  

4)       Twinning Program -  Foster relationships between LOMs and other foreign LOMs, twinning programs are encouraged.  This will open opportunities and accord a taste of global community experience through joint projects that may ensue not only to the LOMs and their members, but to their localities as well.


1.        TOYM (THE OUTSTANDING YOUNG MEN):  An annual undertaking of the JCI Philippines (Jaycees) to recognize exemplary achievements of young Filipinos from 18 to 40 years old in their respective fields of endeavors.  Awardees are selected based on their service to the community, professional excellence & leadership, including moral rectitude, innovations, and pioneering spirit.  The TOYM project is aimed at providing inspiration to the people, specially the youth, to strive for excellence in their own activities and fields of endeavor.  By focusing on the dedication, hard work, integrity and social responsibility which the awardees have shown in the attainment of their goals, it is hoped that these positive values will be emulated by others 

2.        TOPP (THE OUTSTANDING POLICEMEN OF THE PHILIPPINES):  Give recognition to exceptional and outstanding achievement of Policemen of the Philippines.  The award also aims to motivate them to perform their duties and responsibilities to the fullest.  The TOPP award has been divided into 2 categories, Non-Commissioned Officers  from PO1 to SPO4 and two, Commissioned Officers from inspector to superintendent to even the playing field for the nominees.

3.        OUTSTANING COUNCILORS OF THE PHILIPPINES (TOCP) - To give due recognition to outstanding local law makers in the city and municipal level. This time the search will be conducted in a nationwide basis in coordination with Philippine Councilors League (PCL) and Office of Senator Edgardo J. Angara.

4.       OUTSTANDING FIREFIGHTERS OF THE PHILIPPINES (TOPF) - The project was first implemented last            2004 successfuly.  It aims to recognize their professional excellence, dedication and the   outstanding         achievements of the men in uniform in the Bureau of Fire Protections who also risk there  lives in fire            fighting for the protection of lives and properties.    

5.        YLEA (YOUTH LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARD):  Renamed “Batang Leader Award” in 2008, the award gives due recognition to deserving public and private elementary and high school students and to inspire them towards greater achievements in life.   

6.        JAYCEE WEEK:  A whole week celebration of Jaycee projects and activities stressing on the four areas of opportunities.  LOMs are encouraged to have joint JC Week celebrations to make a bigger impact on their activities and projects. This is to create publicity for the JCI movement.  

7.        ALAY LAKAD (WALK FOR A CAUSE) 2009:  A national government project which is spearheaded by the Alay Lakad Foundation in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare and Development and other government agencies like DND and other members of the Alay Lakad Foundation. It encourages all citizens to participate in the walk for a cause project.  The four civic clubs namely; Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary and the JCI Philippines (Philippine Jaycees, Inc.).  Funds are raised through the donations of the private and government sector and from the participants during the walk.  The funds raised will be used for the out-of-school youth programs and other projects which benefit the less privileged.  

8.        BEYOND PRISON WALLS – As conceptualized by the late Amb. Ramon del Rosario Sr. JCIP 1st National President, this project  that will help the correctional community (the people behind bars) in their total human development based on the principles of a balanced and restorative justice namely; Human Rights Advocacy to the Accused, Sports, Cultural and Educational Programs and Providing them with Livelihood Projects.  

9.        Voice of Philippine Democracy -- The “Voice of Democracy” was conceived to be an annual oratorical contest open to any regular their or fourth year high school student in any public or government –recognized private high school in the Philippines.  Its main purpose was to encourage the nation’s youth to think about and talk about being a Filipino.  The VOPD oratorical tilt served as a valuable factor in instilling and inculcating to the youth the ideals of being a Filipino and democracy as a way of life.  


1.       MEMBERSHIP & RETENTION : The life blood of our organization depends on the quality and quantity of is its membership. It is therefore imperative that as organization there is a need to established policies and effective guidelines for its membership recruitment and retention program.     

2.       National Awards Commission (National Records and Recognition Commission -NRRC) :  This aims to expose the E-Awards system to  all the LOMs. In 2006 thru the effort of JCI Sen. Reginald T. Yu of JCI-Manila who was then NRRC Chair with the support of the National Board adopted the same system similar to JCI thereby creating our own E-Awards System which proves to be very effective and successful. A new awards manual was created in CDs complete with all the necessary information including manual instruction as guide on how to use the system was made available for distribution and downloadable on the e-Awards website. On line judging was also included on the system which all the data and information were encoded to the system and the computer will just automatically compute the scores. Judges does not need to know each and meet at certain place to deliberate as they can access system thru the internet. This is an innovation wherein the paperless policy aims to completely eliminate the hassle and the burden making of carrying hard bound scrapbooks and CD bids. With said program more LOMs were encourage to bid for awards during Area Conference and National Convention for the recognition of their activities during their term. 

3.       LEADER MAGAZINE / NEWSLETTER:   Through this official quarterly magazine of the JCI Philippines, we hope to generate funds through advertisers and pursue its winning ways by continually improving format and contents and relevance to the enhancing need of the times.  Important articles and write ups are uploaded in our website for public viewing. For the NEWSLETTER,    A monthly or quarterly newsletter will published to all the members. It informs members on updates of national projects, messages of the National Officers, and matters concerning the JCIP and the JCI.  Both of which is now transferred under the Office of the National Secretary General. 

4.       PUBLIC RELATIONS (PR) :  While marketing is a main tool in selling the Jaycee movement, Public Relations will be used in the tri-media to help the JCI name.  Targeting press releases at least once a week, especially for important NOM undertakings, this division will tap all Jaycees connected with TV, radio, and print to maximize cost effective measures for P.R.  The main objectives of which is for information dissemination by TV, press releases and radio plugs for the announcement of JCI activities. This will was done with the creation of  Marketing Committee whose primary purpose is to sell the organization to prospective sponsors to make money.  One way of doing it is by creating a pocket kit or a brochures that will contain a complete overview of what the Jaycees all about and it will be use to champion the brand of the JCI Philippines. Said kit can also be use for membership recruitment purposes.    

5.       Young Leaders Program (YLP) – Established in year 2002 per agreement with our organization with the Japan Ministry of Education providing and opportunity to avail a one year MBA scholarship to qualified JCIP members to study in Hitotsubashi University Graduate of School of International Corporate Strategy. The project aims to fostering of future national leaders in Asian and other countries.   

6.       SENATE AFFAIRS:  Learning from our “senior” brothers will inspire the young.  As the regular Jaycees learn from the wisdom and experience of the Senators, in return, the regulars will share their energy and youth.  It is the dream of this commission that the Senate and the regulars be as united as possible --- by having joint projects and if possible to have a joint National Convention. 

7.       JUNIOR JAYCEES LIAISON:  Teaching our younger counterparts will be the thrust of this committee.  After all, the Junior Jaycees will likewise be a source of recruitment for the movement, in the long run. 


1.       BUSINESS & TRADE DIRECTORY:  Business, being the 4th area of opportunity, should be promoted among the JCI Members through business directories, trade fairs, seminars, etc.  It would be effective in marketing the Jaycees to prospective members as it will give recruits an additional gain when they join this organization.  The B & T Directory is a compilation of all JCI Philippines into one publication for purposes of networking. 

2.       BUSINESS NETWORKINGIn relation with the organizations thrust on “Entrepreneurship” being a federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs this program provides the current and past members with the opportunity to pursue personal business interest through a worldwide networking with fellow JCI members around the world.  

3.       JCIP Merchandise :  To come up with innovative ideas, in relation to JCI thrust of giving emphasis on “Entrepreneurship” being an organization of young leaders and entrepreneurs.  This is to create proper awareness to the JCI members that we do exist by providing selected novelty items for sale which the Jaycee logo appeared to all the items.  This items are offered not only to JCI members but to the public as well to generate an additional funds for the organization. 

4.       JCIP Commemorative Car plates: The JCIP Diamond Anniversary car plates authorized by the LTO is now available! Show off your JCI car plates in your car and wear it proud.  This is a great opportunity to make our presence known.   

5.      JCIP Bingo Fundraiser: This activity is in cooperation with SM Malls as one way of fundraising by selling bingo tickets whereby the organization can get a certain percentage on its proceeds.  

6.       JCIP Ring: The long awaited JCIP Ring is now available initiated by Past NEVP Buda So. In celebration of our Diamond Year, various rings for National Board members, Chapter presidents, and members have been elegantly designed yet  affordably priced and yours for the choosing. 

7.       JCIP Wall of Honor: This projects aims to give all JCI chapters, regular members, senators, associate members, alumni, corporate sponsors and friends of our organization the opportunity to honor the Mission, Creed, Achievements and Triumphs of Junior Chamber International Philippines. It is intended for the upkeep of our 40-year old National Headquarters which has been aged, albeit with fond grace through the passing of time.  There is constant need for regular maintenance as well as improvement of its professional work areas. Our Wall of Honor will be full soon. Be a part of JCIP history. Let your name/s be seen on our Wall.  

8.      JCIP Golf Tournament Fundraiser: Good at golf? For those JCI members who are golf enthusiast are all invited to join and showcase their talent in this sports event.  This is also as one way for fundraising campaign to augment the coffers of the organization.

9.       JCI MAXX – The project main objective is giving certain discounts and other privileges to selected products and services from accredited business establishments thru a MOA with the LOMs. It is  offered to all JCIP members by presenting their JCIP individual membership ID cards.   

10.    OTHER SPECIAL PROJECTS :  The organization should not only limit itself in executing its flagship projects but its also necessary to implement special projects such raffles, concerts and other special income generating projects as an auxiliary to help augment organization’s income.