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Brief History and Information

The JCI Philippines (Philippine Jaycees, Inc.) as an organization, has the following goal and mission: to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing young persons with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, social responsibility and fellowship for a positive change. This goal or mission finds basis on the Jaycee Creed.

The Jaycee Creed, which is universal in its perception and exhortation, sees man not only in the light of what he is but what he can be. This precept proceeds from the principle that earth’s great treasures lies in the human personality, which must be developed in its wholeness. This recognizes with implicit faith in God gives its dimension.

The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Awards was initiated by the Manila Jaycees as a chapter project in April 6, 1959. Subsequently, the Philippine Jaycees formally adopted the project on a national basis on October 15, 1959, during their 11th National Convention in Baguio City.

In 1973, the Gerry Roxas Foundation co-sponsored the project, due to the similarity of its goal to promote leadership and exemplary innovation among the youth to address our nation’s development. On October 22, 1990, the TOYM Foundation was organized by past TOYM Awardees and Jaycee National Officers to provide support and continuity for the annual search.

In 1996, the TOYM Awards was changed to TOYF “The outstanding Young Filipinos” to give women equal exposure and emphasis in the search. However, women were already made an integral part of the search since 1984. In 1999, the name was reverted back to its original name of TOYM to preserve the sanctity of the awards, as the word “men “ does not intend to distinguish the difference in gender.

In 1996, the TOYM Awards was changed to TOYF “The outstanding Young Filipinos” to give women equal exposure and emphasis in the search. However, women were already made an integral part of the search since 1984. In 1999, the name was reverted back to its original name of TOYM to preserve the sanctity of the awards, as the word “men “ does not intend to distinguish the difference in gender.

Over the years, the TOYM has become an institution, having developed a reputation for its selectiveness of outstanding young men upon whom the awards is conferred. TOYM seeks to give national recognition to young men and women between the ages of 18-40, whose selfless dedication to their profession or vocation has resulted in significant contributions to the welfare of their countrymen, as well as to the advancement of their fields of endeavor.


1. To recognize the outstanding achievements of our nation’s youth which have benefited the community and the nation significantly;

2. To focus public attention and confer national recognition to these young men and women based on these outstanding achievements and contributions;

3. To inspire others, especially the Filipino youth, with the recognition of these achievements and/or leadership of the TOYM awardees who have demonstrated vigor and enterprise in tackling the problems of society and offering solutions;

4. To live the Jaycee Creed and consider it a good measure of performance by the awardee.


1.  The nominee is judged by his outstanding leadership and excellence in his contribution to the cause of humanity. In essence, proof of nominee’s outstanding leadership and excellence in his field of endeavor and proof of nominee’s outstanding contributions to his fellowman constitute the basis for the TOYM Award.

2. Nominee must have complied with all the rules governing nomination such as age, citizenship, etc.

3. Nominee must nave engaged in his/her field of endeavor for a substantial part of his/her life with documented proof subject to verification by the TOYM search committee.

4. Nominee must have been engaged in contributing to the cause of humanity for a substantial part of his/her life with documented proof subject to verification by the TOYM Search Committee.

5. Filipino citizens (including naturalized citizens between the ages of 18 and 40) are eligible for nomination. Nominees must be aged of 40 or below by December 31 of the current year. Nominees must not be former TOYM awardees. By "Filipino" nominees must be either be:

    a)  Those wherever born in the Philippines or in a foreign country.  In this case, the father or the mother may be a natural born or naturalized citizen of the Philippines or;

   b) Those, at the time his or her bid was received by the TOYM Committee, is a naturalized citizen of the Philippines and those who have elected Philippine citizenship or;

   c)  Those despite having renounced his Philippine citizenship at the time his or her bid was received by the TOYM Committee has one or both parents who is/are citizen(s) of the Philippines or;

   d)  Those despite living outside the Philippines as resident aliens or immigrants of another country, has one or both parents who is/are citizens of the Philippines.

6. These annual awards are given to recognize the young men and women who have proven themselves worthy of honor and emulation based on the following criteria:

        a. Service to the community and/or to the nation - 40 points

        b. Professional excellence and integrity in their field of endeavor - 40 points

        c. Leadership, including moral rectitude, innovativeness and pioneering spirit - 20 points


1.   Nomination for TOYM shall be open to individuals of all fields of endeavor. Any person or organization may nominate one or more individuals subject to the requirements stated below: 

2. Nominations should be made on the prescribed TOYM Nomination form and notarized accordingly. All information therein shall be submitted in English, Tagalog or Taglish.

3. Nominees must sign the Nomination Form attesting to all stated facts therein; giving consent to the independent verification by the TOYM Search Committee and the subsequent publication of said factors; and indicating his willingness to attend the awards ceremonies if selected.

4. A certified true copy of the nominee’s birth certificate or any equivalent proof of date and place of birth should accompany the nomination form.

5. Two (2) copies of the nominee’s picture (5”x7”, colored with white background) should accompany the two (2) copies of the accomplished Nomination Form.

6. A one-page Executive Summary of the nominee summarizing the important facts and accomplishments as presented in the scrapbook shall accompany the Nomination Form.

7. The scrapbook shall be subject to the specifications as indicated in the Technical Requirements for Attachments.

8. An original or certified true copy of the nominee’s NBI Clearance Certificate should also accompany the Nomination Form.

9. All entries are to be mailed or personally delivered to the Junior Chamber International Philippines, 14 Don A. Roces Avenue, Quezon City on or before the deadline date specified by the TOYM Search Committee..

10. The TOYM Search Committee of the Philippine Jaycees shall be the operating body of the project and reserves the right to pass judgment on any issue that may arise in connection with the above rules.

11. TOYM Committee will review the entries to ensure that all technical requirements are complied with.

12. The TOYM Screening Committee, composed of past TOYM Awardees, shall conduct a preliminary selection of the nominees as finalist for consideration of the Board of Judges.

13. The TOYM Board of Judges composed of respected individuals, shall select the winners. Their decision will be final and unappealable. They may opt to call the finalist for an interview as they may deem fit.

14. All information submitted in connection with the TOYM awards shall be treated with the strictest confidentiality.


1. The Nomination Form together will all original attachments (documentary and supportive evidence) as required and necessary for the nominee's accomplishments shall be bound in the form of scrapbook for submission.

2.  The Scrapbook shall be not exceed the allowable outer dimension of 11" x  14".

3.  Each page of the scrapbook should be numbered.  The first page should be used for the nomination form followed by the attachments required under the rules governing submission of nomination by the answers to the questions about the Nominee.

4.  The scrapbook will be limited to thirty (30) pages.  However, annexes in the form of multi-page that serve as reference or supportive evidence to the information provided in the scrapbook may have no limit.  The annexes must be properly labeled for easy reference.

5.  One (1) copy of the scrapbook shall likewise be submitted and becomes the property of the JCI Philippines.

6. Any individual, public or private entity or organization may nominate candidates in any of the following fields;

Agricultural & Aquaculture
Plant Breeding and Generics
Agricultural Extension
Agricultural and Food Technology
Agriculture-Land Reform
Pest Control
Poultry Nutrition
Farm Management
Natural Resources Development
Soils Science
Agricultural Science
Animal Science
Natural Science
Others (Specify)

Arts Painting
Contemporary Music
Movie Industry
Concert Music
Arts & Culture
Fine Arts
Arts & Music
Theatre Arts
Others (Specify)

Investment Banking
Development Banking
Domestic Banking
International Banking
Merchant Banking
Business-Merchant Banking
Investment Banking & Finance
Investment (Securities & Banking)
Others (Specify)

Business Leadership
Business Administration
Commerce & Industry
Business Entrepreneurship in Pioneer Industries
Small and Medium Industrial Development
Business Management
Commercial Science
Others (Specify)

Community Development
Regional Development
Youth Leadership Development
Rural Development
Countryside Development
Human Resources Development
Leadership in Social & Cultural Development
Youth and Communication Development
Cultural Communities
Humanitarian Service
Community Service
Others (Specify)

Other relevant fields
Labor Administration
Cultural Anthropology
Others relevant fields  like History, Labor Administration, Cultural Anthropology, Others (Specify)

Business Finance
International Finance
National Economic Development
Others (Specify)

Business Education
Social Education

Government Service
Military Service
Community Service
Countryside Service
Government & Public Service
Public Service
Public Administration
Government Science
Military Service

Broadcast Journalism
International Journalism
Journalism and Literature
Public Service in Broadcast Media
Mass Media
Information System
National Communication
Others (Specify)

Law Practice-Legal Aid
Law-Public Office
Human Rights
Political Science
Political Leadership
International Amity
Humanitarian Service
Others (Specify)


Rural Medicine
Veterinary Medicine
Cardiac Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
Colon & Rectal Surgery
Medical Science
Others (Specify)

Science & Technology
Engineering Science
Geological Science
Nuclear Energy
Iron & Steel Engineering
Structural Engineering
Human Settlements
Others (Specify)


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 Download TOYM Nomination Form : Click here!

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