An invitation to continue support

      This year's National Board has approved to continue this  worthy national project aptly named JCI Philippines WALL OF HONOR. It aims to give all JCI chapters, regular members, senators, associate members, alumni, corporate sponsors and friends of our organization the opportunity to honor the Mission, Creed, Achievements and Triumphs of Junior Chamber International Philippines. As you all know that our 40-year old National Headquarters needs regular maintenance and renovation as well as improvement of its antiquated equipments. 

     The National Board deemed it necessary to allocate a separate fund for its upkeep without draining our limited resources. We are now on the process of improving and renovating its equipments and structures, respectively, and we are happy to report that we have implemented these at a very minimal cost to our coffers. We still have a long way to go especially in the renovation of the boardroom and the conference room to make it more conducive to conduct meetings and trainings. 

     It will be a limited edition of 1,000 personalized plates (2X4, 3 lines @ 26 spaces per line) for Php 1,500.00 that will be displayed in the JCIP Lobby. The LOM of the donor/solicitor will be credited two  (2) JCIPEA points for every paid plate for a maximum of twenty (20) points. Please see attachment for the guidelines and application forms are available at JCIP Secretariat.