Junior Chamber International Philippines

(Philippine Jaycees, Inc.)






The Youth Leadership Excellence Awards (YLEA) is one of the flagship projects of the Junior Chamber International-Philippines. Its objective is to give due recognition to outstanding public and private elementary and high school students and to inspire them towards greater achievements in life.


The YLEA had its modest beginnings way back in 1985. Then Philippine Jaycees National President Renato “Rene” B. Batoon, a staunch supporter of youth development projects and whose NOM Theme, “Jaycees for a Better Tomorrow,” encapsulated his administration’s thrust towards the youth, conceived of the idea of honoring academically exceptional students all over the country as a way of motivating them to excel further.


The National President personally coined the term, “Presidential Leadership Excellence Award” (PLEA) for this landmark undertaking, as this was his “pet” project. In its pilot run, the project targeted the top ten graduating elementary students from each of the 1,000 public and private schools in the country. In just a short span of four months, from January to April 1985, the entire National Organization, with the National President personally overseeing this pilot project, vigorously promoted the implementation to all participating Jaycee chapters, numbering around 430 at that time. About 10,000 outstanding graduating elementary students were given medals and certificates all over the country, courtesy of the Ministry of Education and Culture, under Minister Jaime C. Laya. This project created such a great impact, that school officials from the various parts of the country encouraged them to continue this worthwhile undertaking.


This pioneering activity was recognized by no less than Junior Chamber International when it won the “Most Outstanding Youth Development Project” Award during the 35th JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1985, the only NOM Award won by the Philippine Jaycees that year.


Corollary to the PLEA, the National Leadership also launched the “Citizens Army Training Leadership Excellence Award” (CATLEA) that same year, under the chairmanship of National Commissioner Romeo Mascardo. This project was supported by the AFP Chief of Staff General Fabian C. Ver, and endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. About 200 graduates were the recipients of this award, all high school graduates for leadership and academic excellence, and later organized into one club, the officers of whom meet at least once a month in the JCP Headquarters.


While the CATLEA was dissolved in 1990 due to the public’s animosity towards Citizen’s Army Training program, the PLEA project, however continued and prospered. Under National President Benjamin S. Lim, the project was renamed “Presidential Youth Leadership Excellence Award” (PYLEA). Under his term, the PYLEA expanded its scope to include elementary and high school graduating students.


The program changed to its present name, “Youth Leadership Excellence Award” in 1993, under the term of National President Roderick L. Ngo. Since then, the money used to buy medals and certificates were sourced from government officials and or Congressmen who have allotted a certain portion of their discretionary and/or Congressional Countrywide Development funds for the project.





In line with the JCI Philippines  commitment to give recognition to deserving graduating public elementary and high school students and to inspire them towards greater achievements in life, the organization is yearly conferring the YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD (YLEA) CERTIFICATES to deserving students. The following mechanics and guidelines are as follows;


1.0       The Youth Leadership Excellence Award is presented by the Philippine Jaycees, Inc. in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd) and the office Senator Francis “Kiko” N. Pangilinan as the main sponsor thru the DSWD  to deserving graduating elementary and high school students from both private and public schools throughout the Philippines.


2.0       The objective of the project is basically to honor outstanding students of the private and public elementary schools and high schools (usually Valedictorian, but not necessarily) for their leadership qualities and academic achievement.


3.0       The school authorities shall take care of and be responsible for the selection for the selection process.  In no way should the Jaycees participate nor play a role directly or indirectly in the selection process of the awardees.


4.0       The Jaycees shall present the award to the selected outstanding students preferably, during the graduation ceremonies through its chapters nationwide.  The chapter President or his authorized representative who must be a Jaycee member, shall present the YLEA Certificate and pin to the awardees together with the representative of the sponsor.


5.0       In case the graduation ceremonies have already been held prior to the receipt of the Certificate  for Youth Leadership Excellence Award from JCI Philippines, the Jaycee Chapter will  do the following:


a)         Make a survey of the schools that have already held their graduation ceremonies and request from their respective school authorities their nominees – awardees after explaining the objectives and mechanics of the project.


b)         Communicate with the nominee – awardee/s about his/her award.


c)         Set a specific date for recognizing the awardees e.g. during the chapters General Membership Meetings (GMM), EXCOM/Board meeting or special meeting or better still during your own celebration of the National Jaycee Week.


d)         The parents/guardians and school principals/teachers of the awardees and the sponsor representative/s during the Recognition Day.


e)         A press release for the affair will be made and ensure that at least one streamer for the YLEA depicting DepED and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan as sponsor.


f)          A  lively program will be undertaken to best honor the awardees and that will show the public the best of the Jaycees. Official messages of the Department of Education and Senator Kiko Pangilinan will be provided.


6.0        In places where there are no existing Jaycee chapter, the JCI Philippines National Vice Presidents (NVP’s, or NEVP’s) or Chapter  nearest or whichever is convenient and practical will present the Certificates and medals.