JCI Philippines Young Leaders Program

From left : JCI Mem. Joel Tabing of JCI Manila (Past YLP Graduate) Mr.Yutaka Katayama (Minister of Embassy Japan) Prof. Sheman S. Abe of Hitotsubashi University of Japan, JCI Phils. NSG Van Torrevillas,, Ms. Masako Nozu of Japan Embassy  during their meeting at JCI Philippines Headquarters last February 12, 2009.

     It was year 2002 when the JCI Philippines has opened talks with the Japan Information and Cultural Center from the Japanese Government which agreed our organization to participate in its prestigious “Young Leaders’ Program (YLP).  Since then every year JCI Philippines has been sending a representative to avail said scholarship program. 

    The “Young Leaders’ Program” (YLP) is a prominent student scholarship program totally funded by the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), which aims to contribute to the fostering of future national leaders in Asia and other countries. While deepening the participants’ understanding about Japan, it also helps form a network among national leaders, contributing to the establishment of friendly relationships and improved policy planning between Asia and other countries.  

     The program essentially offers scholarships to foreign students who wish to study in the prestigious Hitotsubashi Unversity, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS) as YLP students in business administration annually under the Japanese Government Program. As applicants from more than 14 countries are vying for a maximum of 15 slots in the program, needless to say, interested parties will be undergoing a highly competitive screening procedure.  

      With this program, JCI Philippines is yearly opening this application to all the members of chapters or LOMs in good standing who may be interested to participate. Each LOM is encouraged to nominate one (1) candidate.  JCI Philippines will have a paper screening of all application forms before these names are to be submitted to the Japanese Embassy for final selection. 

      To date there are already several graduates on this program like, JG Puzon of JCI San Juan, JCI Mem. Rommel Dumlao (JCI Surigao Nickel), JCI Mem. Lavi Penaverde and JCI Mem. Marie Murillo (JCI Perlas Pasay), JCI Mem. Joel Tabing (JCI Manila), JCI Mem. Raymar Padilla (JCI San Juan).  2008 scholars were JCI Mem. Irish Reyes and Cristina delos Santos. This year's two candidates for YLP are JCI Mem. Hazel Saez, IPP of JCI Perlas Pasay  and JCI Mem. of Juan Dalisay, Jr. of JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel.     

      On its 8th year the Japanese Embassy is now again extending its invitation of joining this program for 2009. Application forms soon be available at the JCI Philippines Secretariat. Come on and take full advantage of this opportunity of learning about leadership while earning a degree!  Who knows? The next lucky participant may be you. For more information about the YLP- MBA program in International Business Strategy you can browse website .. Pls. click here...