JCI Philippines  HeadQuarters

Welcome to the JCI Philippines National Headquarters. The building was constructed on a lot donated by the Pepsi Corporation forty (40) years ago. This was during the time of 1968 National President Agapito "Butch" Aquino. It is strategically located just a few kilometers away from the boundary of the City of Manila and Quezon City. Itís complete address is :



14 Don Alejandro Roces Ave.

Quezon City, Philippines 1103

Tel. Nos.# (632) 373-7907 to 09

Fax No. # (632) 374-4138

E-mail: nom@philjaycees.com


The three storey edifice was internally renovated during the presidency of JCI Sen. Renato Batoon in 1986 and was again externally and internally re modeled during the time of 1996 National President Roberto A. Alvarez, Jr. Some of itís newest fixtures and electronic equipments were procured during the term of 1998 National President JV Ejercito. Last year the building was face lifted under the term of NP John B. Jimenez III. The 3rd floor, is currently used as Secretariatís Office, here you can find the Office of the Secretary General, the National Treasurer and National Senior EVP office.

Conference Room

The said office is manned by seven (7) staff personnel headed by the Executive Director regularly working on Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM except Saturday which is from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM only. The 2nd floor is where you can see the National President's Office, the Philippine Jaycee Senate Office and the Board Room where National Board Meetings takes place. The ground floor is used as a function room for Seminars, inductions, Grand Membership Meetings, Regional and Area Council Meetings for our members and also for other Special Meetings. It is used also as Trophy and Plaques display area for awards won by the National Organization from previous International Conferences and World Congresses.