Junior Chamber International Philippines
The 2009 Administration



A.     JCI Signature Courses

a.     One JCI Presenter Course

                                                               i.      All regions to organized at least one (1) JCI Presenter from October 2008 to September 2009

                                                             ii.      All Area Conferences must have one( 1)  JCI Presenter Course

                                                            iii.      JCI Presenter Course for 2009 National Board – April 2009

                                                          iv.      Selection of Head Trainer is host chapters discretion

b.     One JCI Trainer Course

                                                               i.      All areas to organized at least one JCI Trainer Course from January to August 2009

                                                             ii.      National Convention to have one JCI Trainer Course October 2009

                                                            iii.      Selection of Head Trainer is host chapters discretion

c.     JCI Achieve Course requirement for all new and revive chapters

                                                               i.      Sponsoring chapter must organize JCI Achieve Course in these new chapters

                                                             ii.      Sponsoring chapter will only get points if key officers  of the new chapter completed the JCI Achieve Course

                                                            iii.      This will ensure sustainability and stability of new and revived chapters

d.     Head Trainers Course - National Convention October 2009. 

B.      Head Trainer Development 

a.     HT of JCI Course in JCI Philippines

                                                               i.      JCI Head Trainer Course – 2

                                                             ii.      JCI Designer Course – 1 >> increase to 2

                                                            iii.      JCI Trainer Course – 4

                                                          iv.      JCI Presenter Course – 8

                                                           v.      JCI Achieve Course – 11

b.     Priority development of HT - JCI Designer Course

                                                               i.      Development of another Head Trainer for JCI Designer  – ITF Mennen Aracid

                                                             ii.      Target month of February 27-March 1 2009 with Harish Kumar of JCI India  

C.    Conference and Convention Training Program

a.     Area Conference Training Programs

                                                               i.      JCI Presenter Course

                                                             ii.      JCI Achieve Course

                                                            iii.      Course Development Project – 3 course per area


b.     National Convention Training Programs

                                                               i.      JCI Trainer (pre-convention)

                                                             ii.      JCI Philippines Academy

                                                            iii.      Functional Trainings

1.      Local Secretaries’ – Documentation, Administration and Reporting System

2.      Local Treasurers’ – Collection Techniques, Fundraising and Chapter Finance Management

                                                          iv.      Head Trainers Course – for graduates of JCI Designer Course

                                                           v.      Course Development Project – 5 courses from area conferences 

D.     Presidents Functional Trainings

a.     JCI Philippines Academy in Palawan National Convention

                                                               i.      ITF Mennen Aracid as HT

                                                             ii.      October 6-7 2009

                                                            iii.      2 days/1 night

b.     Mid-Year Academy – optional, depends on the need of the chapter presidents 

E.      Trainers Development

a.     Training Assemblies:

                                                               i.      Area Trainers Forum – September 2009

                                                             ii.      National Trainers Assembly – October 9, 2009

                                                            iii.      National Trainers Summit (simultaneous) – May 16, 2009

1.      Simultaneous sessions in all areas/regions to be organized by NTC, ATDs & RTDs

2.      Half-day Learning Session for trainers – 1:30 – 5:30 PM

3.      Dagupan, Quezon City, Lipa, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Naga, Tacloban and Baguio

4.      Summit theme shall be followed by key trainers & speakers and live web conference via Skype

b.     Course Development :

                                                               i.      Deadline for submission April 30, 2009

                                                             ii.      To be presented in Area Conference & National Convention

                                                            iii.      Targeted to achieve 15 new National or International Graduates

c.     Exchange of trainers to other countries to be communicated by National Training Commission

                                                               i.      Training in Aspac / World Congress

                                                             ii.      Training in APDC covered area

                                                            iii.      Training in other NOM 

F.       National Training Month

a.     May 2009

b.     Trainings conducted during this period must be for individual development   

c.     Extra JCPEA point may be earned if chapters will conduct 1-2 hours training.

G.    Trainer Recognition and Rewards

a.     Continue with recognition of trainers who moved to higher certification

Awarding during National Convention in Palawan.

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